Bad Boys Blue - You're A Woman - Remix


Fancy - Flames Of Love - Dance Remix

Flames Of Love
Mr. Stepen Mix

Nico Santos - Rooftop

Nico Santos
I got your fingerprints on my skin. Ever since that day you've let me in. I feel your vibes, they are circlin'. You cut so deep, cut so deep. Who needs love leaning to one side. We're free fallin' in the jungle lights? You have it all, got me on standby. You cut so deep, cut so deep. 'Cause I though...

Ken Laszlo - Tonight - Remix


Modern Talking - Everybody Needs Somebody - Remix

Modern Talking
Oh everybody needs somebody, baby ,every needs someone to love. Anytime I see you, I get crazy, anytime I kiss you, can't get enough. Tell me, is this love, a burning fire. That's burning fast, but then it's gone away. Oh tell me baby, do you feel desire. I'll give you everything, I'm too shy to say...

Falco - Jenny

Jeanny, komm, come on. Steh auf bitte. Du wirst ganz nass. Schon spät, komm. Wir müssen weg hier. Raus aus dem Wald. Verstehst du nicht. Wo ist dein Schuh. Du hast ihn verloren. Als ich dir den Weg zeigen musste. Wer hat verloren. Du, dich. Ich mich. Oder. Oder, wir uns. Jeanny, quit livin' on dream...

Kerstin Ott - Herzbewohner

Manchmal leise manchmal laut. Du bist der Mensch, der auf mich baut. Bist meine Ein-Mann-Armee.  Manchmal gross und manchmal klein. Du kannst all das für mich sein. Und mich ohne Wort verstehen.  Du kannst mich ohne Wort verstehen.  Weisst du eigentlich, wenn ich l...

Modern Talking - Brother Louie - Mr. Remix

Modern Talking
Dear, love is a burning fire. Stay, 'cause then the flames grow higher Babe, don't let him steal your heart. It's easy, easy Girl, this game can't last forever. Why we cannot live together Try, don't let him take your love from me You're no good, can't you see Brother Louie, Louie, Lo...

Dalida - Salma Ya Salama

VJ Zenman Arabian Dream Video Mix

A-Ha - The Sun Always Shines On TV

Touch me. How can it be. Believe me The sun always shines on TV Hold me. Close to your heart Touch me. And give all your love to me. To me I reached inside myself and found. Nothing there to ease the. Pressure of my ever worrying mind All my powers waste away. ...

Scorpions - Still Loving You

Time, it needs time. To win back your love again. I will be there, I will be there. Love, only love. Can bring back your love someday. I will be there, I will be there. And fight, babe, I'll fight. To win back your love again. I will be there, I will be there. Love, only love. Can break down the wal...

Modern Talking - Don't Worry - Remix

Oh, life is so hard. And you have to choose. The call of the wind. On the highway of fools. Why does a man never cry when he's feeling. You murder all his feelings. Will you still be there. Only love knows why. Between the fire. When white doves cry? Why does a man never show what he's meaning. To m...

Depeche Mode - World In My Eyes

Cicada Mix - Ready Player One - Soundtrack Audiobook Ernest Cline Ready Player One Aragon Verlag

Big Daddy Wilson - Anna Mae

Bern, 21.Mai 2018

Cyndi Lauper - I Drove All Night

Cyndi Lauper
​Original By Roy Orbison

4 Non Blondes - What's Up

4 Non Blondes

Miley Cyrus - Jolene

 The Backyard Sessions

Modern Talking - Do You Wanna - Remix

Modern Talking
I hear your heartbeat, heartbeat, heartbeat, playing with my mind Oh, I need you wrapped around me, just like I be on a veil But now I'm only lonely, lonely, holding on to you Oh, I need you back here with me yeah, i think you want it too Now I feed you with a new emotion, heal you when you cry...

Modern Talking - Cheri Cheri Lady - Remix

Oh, I can't explain, every time it's the same Oh I feel that it's real, take my heart, i've been lonely too long Oh, I can't be so strong, take the chance for romance, take my heart I need you so, there's no time I'll ever go Cheri cheri lady, going through a motion Love is where you find it, listen...

Nino De Angelo - Jenseits Von Eden

Nino De Angelo
Wenn selbst ein Kind nicht mehr lacht wie ein Kind. Dann sind wir jenseits von Eden. Wenn wir nicht fühlen. Die Erde sie weint. Wie kein and'rer Planet. Dann haben wir umsonst gelebt. Wenn eine Träne nur Wasser noch ist. Dann sind wir jenseits von Eden. Wenn man für Liebe bezahle...

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